A spirit says...

There WILL be spoilers!

Yeah,whatever spirit.

Wizards (1977)

Boring ass story, but still enjoyable. funniest sequence in animation history when Avatar straight up shoots his brother. There's something to be said about that scene n the whole theme of technology vs. nature, but writing a thesis on wizard gunplay would take too long. I was dissapointed with how bland the story was since the world was very interesting; A world where humans wiped themselves out, n someone rediscovering the art of war after centuries of peace. My god, that's baller as hell. What also was funny was Darkwolf playing hoop and stick with two skulls on top of a swastika. This movie has some bizarrely funny scenes. Bakshi is a true talent, the animation is great. I wish he did more fantasy than just this and Fire n Ice.

Detroit Metal City

Let me get this out of the way first: This movie is ass, the manga was ass. But good god are some parts just hilarious. This d-movie deviates so hard from the source material, turning a nihilistic "you'll always hate yourself" gag manga into an uplifting story about acceptance (?) It's genuinely insane if you've read the manga first. I may be over-analyzing, but in the movie Kauser is a genuinely nice person and Soichi is a dick. Like, the Krauser persona is empathetic n less superficial than Soichi. In the manga both personas are iredeemable dicks. I'm just glad the bathroom scene is in all DMC material. Also, who convinced Gene Simmons to be Jack Ill Dark? The 2000s was a dark time for Kiss. I could be writing about Zieram, Oldboy, or even Tetsuo but I decided DMC.

Serial Mom

John Waters, known for his lovely insane queer movies, somehow made his magnum opus about straight people. Serial Mom just captures the insanity of being an american suburbanite' The happy-go-lucky pies n smiles of 50s white americana. It just feels natural that the mom is a serial killer. I have such trouble forming an opinion on this movie; It's got the charm of b-movie schlock, its so much more fun than a trash watch. This movies not as insane as J.W's other stuff, It has the freakiest straight sex scene ever. All I can definitively say is that I love this movie so damn much. God I love you, John Waters.


You ever just feel like no matter how hard you try, you won't understand something? I loved Interface, but damn did I feel a little stupid watching it lol. The visuals are stellar, everyone praises it for that, but the story was a little weak. it touched on a topic that did make me weep like a demon, the passage of time, but it could be hard to follow sometimes.
The scope of the story was massive; covering, time, the self, and the mecha-divine. It never feels too big, just big enough to make you feel so damn small. Sci-fi is an amazing vehicle to explore human and philisophical topics. I just desperately wish I had the words to describe this. It's complicated, wracked with allusion and symbolism, and probably warrants a smarter, lengthier review. Unfortunately I'm a snob, not a scholar.
I feel like saying "everyone praises the visuals" is a little dismissive. Interface is definitely a cinematic artpiece; Beautifully composed shots and flawless cinematography. It truly tugs on the abilities of the artist to create a gripping, sometimes silly, demonstration on what animation is and could be. it's insane this was posted to youtube as a free thing. I wouldve killed to see this in a little theatre. The soundtrack is phenomenal too, coming from an ambient/noise fan. Very 80s scifi; that bladerunner stuff.

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